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When choosing plants it is important to take into consideration how much sun and water they will receive. Eg you wouldn’t plant a veggie patch in full shade otherwise you would not get any produce.

Different plants require different soil to flourish.
Natives like a well-draining soil that isn’t to rich where roses and fruit trees like a soil that has more compost in it.

Choice in mulch is a personal preference as they vary in colours and sizes.
If you lay your mulch at 100mm thick you will get great results with keeping the moisture in and heat out. This can be done 6-12 monthly.

With our help ofcoarse!!
There are plenty of options available, it all comes down to budget and space.

We sure can, pop in store or call the shop to ask us how!

Lawn needs food just like we do. Fertilising (with a slow release) and top dressing annually will give your lawn what it needs to flourish. Our weather conditions in Australia also call for a lot of water to over the warmer months, so keep that in mind as it heats up.

Using the Shape Scaper or Easy Edge metal edging any home owner can install in minutes with little tools needed. Both of these products don’t need footings unlike block or masonry products.

We can supply you with all your synthetic turf needs. From the pins and tape to the turf itself.